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Drop Coat Series


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Bread & Butter Grooming: Fast & Easy Pet Trim on Drop Coats

Speaker: Kathy Rose

Kathy will demonstrate a fluffy pet trim on an ever-popular drop coat breed. She will show you how to create quick, fluffy styles with snap-on combs. She will be blending with Fish Tails and demonstrating various scissoring and blending techniques. This seminar is a must to keep your customers happy and coming back!

Grooming The Drop Coat With Style

Speaker: Michell Evans

Do you find yourself giving all your drop coats the same head and body style? In this demonstration Michell will show you how to give a drop coat style quickly so that you save time and make money. She will talk about different styles and how to achieve them in a reasonable time frame. Want to make the girls look more feminine and the males more masculine? You will learn what to leave and what to trim to achieve pretty and sassy or handsome and cute!

Super Styling Drop Coat Breeds Heads

Speaker: Jay Scruggs

First impressions are everything in the art of grooming. The first thing your client should see when the dog is groomed is a great expression. In this seminar, Jay will take you through the grooming steps of different head styles. You will learn breed specific techniques as well as different head style options. This seminar is for those groomers who want to fine tune their techniques to wow their clients immediately upon seeing their dog. Not all drop coats should have the same head!

Sue On Drop Coats

Speaker: Sue Watson

Here we go again, another little drop coated dog has scheduled an appointment. Before it even comes into the shop you’re stressing about it, you’re worried it won’t look good enough. Are the clients going to like it? Ugh, I can never get the finish right! Stress no more, Sue can show you how to get a better finish and maybe even enjoy doing this type of coat!