Everyday Dog Series




Daily Doodle Doos

Blake Hernandez

In this every day dog series I will tell you exactly how to maximize money and minimize madness on these majestic mutts! From how to schedule, handle and educate a daily Doodle client to all my go to tips to make every hour a power hour. One thing every Doodle has in common, is they are been part Poodle and that is my jam!

Everyday Grooming on Everyday Dogs

Diane Betelak

Scheduling a Mixed Breed is always an adventure; you never know exactly what will walk in the door. In this session, Diane will do an “Everyday Trim” that will accentuate the dog’s good points and hide the faults. She will be using clippers, blades and comb attachments to give the “Everyday Dog” a trim to suit his life style.

The Shih Tzu/Bichon Mixes

Annie Williams

One of the most popular mixed breeds we see in our salons continue to be the Shih Tzu mixes and the Bichon crosses. In this seminar, Annie will show you a simple method to adding style to the small mixed breeds without adding more maintenance for the pet owner. Join Annie to learn how to style those cute teddy bear faces and the stylish little bums!

Everyday Schnauzer, Josh’s Way

Joshua Morales

Join Joshua Morales in this exciting demonstration of the pet Schnauzer trim. Make more money and spend less time executing with his quick tips on setting the correct pattern and getting those eyebrows perfected. Your schnauzers should have expression while exhibiting the proper breed profile and standard of this regal breed. Josh will share his expertise so you can implement these techniques in your salon.