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Poodle Series



Quick and Trendy Poodle Pet Trim

Jonathan David

A great haircut is your best advertisement, but who has time to be a perfectionist? You do! A stylish Poodle pet trim isn’t as time consuming as you think with the help of snap on combs, quality shears, and some time saving tips! Poodles are one of America’s most popular breeds and every groomer sees plenty of them, but often owners think a great Poodle trim is too much maintenance. Jonathan will show you how to give a great haircut that’s a walking billboard of your work without too much time on your part and too much maintenance for your customers.

Poodle in a German Trim

Michell Evans

The German Trim is great for those clients who “don’t want their Poodle to look like a Poodle”. The great secret is that this style does fit the Poodle breed standard! Michell will show you how to create this elegant sporty trim using snap-on combs of various lengths and then blending and finishing with scissors. She will demonstrate the clipper work on the face and feet. Michell will also explain the choices and techniques for the tail and ears.

What Poodle?

Jessica Moore

Poodles are such a versatile breed, but one of their best attributes is their coat! You can literally do whatever style you want. Don’t want a Poodle anymore? Turn into a Portuguese Water Dog or Bedlington Terrier or one of my favorites a Kerry Blue. I am sure we all have those little Toy Poodle clients that prefer the infamous “Teddy Bear” face and no shaved feet. I will go over alternative trims for Poodles and why you may want to choose one style over another depending on that individual dogs coat, conformation and lifestyle of the owners. I will take a purebred Poodle and turn it into anything but a Poodle and explain why.

The Doodle

Annie Williams

Feeling overwhelmed with the all the doodles coming into your salon? Annie will walk you through how to educate your clients on their dog’s specific needs, to carving out a stylish yet functional haircut. Learn a fool-proof system with snap on combs and scissor techniques to help increase your efficiency and put more money in your pocket.