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Communicating with Canines



Lynne Swanson

Dogs communicate using posture, positions, movement and energy, and they interpret our posture, positions, movement and energy (in quality as well as quantity) in the context of their species. Got a few reactive dogs? Let Lynne show you how simple changes in your posture, position, movement and energy can soothe their rumbly souls. Got stressed dogs, cage-sharks or dogs that pull on their leashes? She can help you there, too, in positive and proactive ways.

In this seminar, you will learn canine social cues, team-building (both canine and human) and helpful leash skills. Lynne will discuss practices that set dogs (and their owners) up for success from day one/minute one and our favorite routine for introducing dogs to one another and to people, too. It all starts with good communication and an appreciation of the attributes that make a dog a dog!