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Handler Bootcamp: Be Better For Our Canine


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Lora Bacharach

This behavior-based workshop is geared towards handling skills with a focus on behavior, how a dog learns, proper play styles, ways to play, how dogs handle stress, social interactions, and how to read/handle the dogs attending your programs. During this four-hour workshop, you will learn about yourself as a handler in your facility and how the dogs attending the programs interpret you. Get ready to have some “aha” moments and dig into who you are. This is a very interactive workshop that gets you out of your chair and moving around the room to think more like a canine and less like a human. We will cover the science behind play styles, ways to keep both employees and canines safe during play sessions, and achieve a better understanding of how our clients learn. Come jump into you as a handler and how you relate to the dogs you surround yourself with each day and learn how to be the best you can be for them. This interactive workshop will have you walking away with a refreshed outlook to go back to your facility with and apply right away.