Lessons In Leadership



Phillip Paris

During this fun and interactive four-hour, two-part session, Phillip will motivate and inspire pet industry supervisors to be all they can be and enhance their current knowledge and skillsets involved with managing today’s workforce. In addition, he share the secrets to a successful team.

Part 1) Managing Today’s Workforce

This session is perfect for shift leads, supervisors, general managers, facility owners, and future leaders. Everyone will benefit and leave motivated and inspired to be the best they can be. During this session, attendees will learn leadership attributes, effects of great/poor leadership, how to build relationships and manage company culture, what today’s workforce wants/needs, managing versus leading, how to develop positive influence, why and how teams fail, and how to deal with workplace drama, gossip(ers) and poor performers.

Part 2: The Secrets to a Successful Team

Have you found yourself frustrated with your team and asking yourself, “What can we do different?” or “What makes other teams so successful and productive?” Well, you’re not alone. Many of us find ourselves asking the same question and seeking real-life solutions that we can implement into our own workplace. In this session, Phillip will share the best practices for maximizing the efforts, morale, and culture of your team.