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PPBC Pet First Aid Certification


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Genéte Bowen

Animals cannot speak to us, so we need to be able to recognize the signs of a medical emergency. Knowing what is normal for an animal will help you understand when something is wrong. First aid assists in both minor and major emergencies, but knowing when issues are time sensitive is vital in the pet care industry because it can sometimes mean the difference between the life or death of a pet.

This four-hour course will cover how to setup a pet first aid kit, the importance of healthy pet checks, as well as different types of first aid scenarios and demonstrations of triage that could save an animal’s life until you reach a vet clinic. Topics included are behavior-specific signals, proper handling/moving techniques, and how to check vital signs. In addition, you will be instructed on how to address bleeding wounds, shock, heatstroke, choking, bloat, and much more. CPR with a demonstration will also be included.

A certificate stating you are certified in Pet First Aid by Professional Pet Boarding Certification (PPBC) will be mailed to you following the completion of this course.