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Putting The Perfect Systems In Place: Staff Training, Policies And Procedures


  • Putting The Perfect Systems In Place: Staff Training, Policies And Procedures,
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Michelle Allen

The road to business bliss comes from properly documenting everything in your business operation, from policies, processes, & procedures to forms & checklists, and then training your staff using a systematic approach. Attend this four-hour seminar to learn everything you need to know to get started (or to get re-started) on training your staff and putting policies and procedures into place.

Hour 1) Training & Developing Your Staff

It is vitally important that you train your staff to handle a variety of scenarios so that they represent your company accurately. Training and developing your staff is one of the most important tasks you face, yet it is easy to allow the demands of the business to push continuing education to the back burner. In the first hour, Michelle will cover staff training for standard operating procedures, as well as educating your staff on different aspects of dog care and behavior which are imperative for creating the perfect staff.

Hour 2) Developing Policies, Processes, & Procedures (PPPs)

Your staff needs a clear set of guidelines to follow to ensure that each staff member is operating in the same way, and so that your customers have a sense of continuity. Without PPPs, your staff is left to decide for themselves how to operate your business. In this hour, Michelle will discuss some basics PPPs and how they can help you to avoid some sticky situations down the line.

Hour 3) Using Forms, Checklists, and Task Lists to Effectively Manage Your Business

In this hour, Michelle will cover the use of forms, checklists, and task lists that can streamline you and you staff’s daily routines, and provide that much-needed reminder of the small stuff that sometimes slips the mind. In addition, they provide a great benchmark for use in your employee reviews. Having a detailed task management system can save you lots of time and energy.

Hour 4) Improving Your Staff’s Efficiency (Without Compromising Safety)

No matter how well you planned everything out, there is always room for improvement. One employee can drag down the whole team if they don’t follow some simple steps. In this seminar, Michelle will discuss how you can speed up your business operation by implementing some simple changes, and will examine how easy it is to dramatically improve the efficiency of your staff.