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Safe and Healthy Indoor Air Quality: How to Get It and Keep It, and Why It Matters



Annette Uda & Scott Learned

Many of us are familiar with “code red” days – those days, typically during the summer months, when the air outside is so unhealthy that we’re advised to stay indoors. But what if the air inside isn’t much better? And now we’re all inside, together, humans and animals, breathing that air? In this session, Annette and Scott will cover the basics of why indoor air quality is important and how it can impact both the pets in your care and your staff. Learn what could be floating around in the air inside your facility, how it could lead to infectious disease outbreaks, as well as impact staff absenteeism and performance, and how, with the proper facility design, maintenance, and the right air cleaning protocols, you can keep your indoor air quality – and your business – safe and healthy.