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Stop the Money Leaks in Your Business: 8 Systems To Retain Your Income



Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

During this four-hour workshop, Robin and Susan will walk you through 8 different business systems to show you the most common places where companies leak money and help you stop the leaks with quick action steps you can implement immediately.

  1. Company systems: Do you know your hourly pay rate and is it higher than your employees?
  2. Customer Service system: Are you losing clients before they even walk through your doors?
  3. Finance system: Are your discounts affecting your cash-flow by more than 10%?
  4. Marketing system: Have you identified the best marketing dollars you spend so you can put more money into those?
  5. Operation system: Can you identify work flow inefficiencies that could save you money if you fixed them?
  6. Sales system: Do you have scripts to help your lobby staff increase the revenue per pet (do you even know what your revenue per pet is?)
  7. Staff Management system: Is your staff training (or lack thereof) resulting in too much staff turnover?
  8. Communications system: Are you wasting money spending time as a referee for all the staff drama?

This workshop will be fast paced and will cover a lot of ground, so be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You will take home a complete to-do list that you can implement immediately.