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Web Marketing 2017: Simple Keys to Unlocking Maximum Profitability


  • Web Marketing 2017: Simple Keys to Unlocking Maximum Profitability,
  • Keynote,
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Alain Parcan

Your Website should be the foundation of any marketing strategy, online and offline. Whether people learned about your business from a friend or found you online, chances are they’re going to take a look at your Website before calling you. Make sure your Website has the five features that Google – and potential customers – are looking for!

This two-hour marketing coaching session is designed to help you understand everything from basic Website fundamentals, up to more intricate, new, and timely strategies. Join Market Hardware’s Alain Parcan, Director of Marketing, and Mike Civetti, Senior Pet Care Consultant, as they provide tips, secrets, answers and more!

They will also help you schedule out your Social Media posts and talk about some of their Email Newsletter strategies that have been successful in the pet care industry. Make sure you bring a pen and paper while learning about our ‘90/10’ rule as it pertains to both Social Media and Email Newsletters!