Behavior Skill Building



Lynne Swanson

People often equate canine behavior to training and socialization, but while both are important, the big picture is that much of a dog’s behavior, moment-to-moment, comes down to communication! What sets the people who really know dogs apart from all who “love” and “have” them is the ability to communicate using K9-intuitive postures, positioning, movement and energy (PPME). Not getting the behavior you want? A simple change of posture or position may be all you need. Want to foster a dog’s calmest focus and follow-ship, relax reactive individuals and turn problem children into valued pets? Canine-intuitive movement and the right energy helps!

In this four-hour program, participants will learn how dogs view their personal body language, how to use canine-intuitive PPME that puts dogs at ease and sets them up for success, and also good ways to use their voice (and several ways not to). In addition, participants will gain tools to be better able to counsel clients with behaviorally problematic dogs.