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Dream Big! Where Should You Start?



Al Locker & Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

Thinking about opening up your first pet care facility? Or are you contemplating expanding, remodeling, or venturing into multiple locations? Wondering where to start? This session will lay out the steps to get you there! Jennifer and Al will discuss specific site demographics, market saturation analysis, project sizing, phasing, and feasibility, and then finally link these into a solid business plan. Learning objectives in this session will include: 1) Understand the importance of area and individual site demographics in the decision-making process. 2) Evaluate the numbers to determine the feasibility of the project, select the best location, and build to the size that is supported by the market and your equity. 3) Use of all the above in a concise business plan that will be acceptable to lenders, possible investors and, most importantly, profitable for owners.