To Sell or Stay


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To Sell or Stay? The Million-Dollar Question

Teija Heikkilä

This session is a concentrated version of Teija’s highly successful Symposium! This intense, hands-on seminar will help you look at your business in a different way, giving you clarity when your business is at its peak to be sold for maximum value. Attendees will learn about the various types of buyers on the market, what makes a business most attractive, and what buyers tend to shy away from.

We’ll cover the following items:

  • What Is My Business Worth?
  • The Top 3 Value Enhancers
  • The Top 3 Value Reducers
  • Seller-owned Real Estate vs. a Leased Space
  • Staffing and its Impact on Sale
  • When is the Right Time to Sell?

This is a must-attend seminar for any business owner, regardless of how long you’ve been in business and whether you’re ready to sell now or not for years. Becoming a millionaire takes planning, and this seminar is the place to start. For owners only, no managers or staff please.