All About the Face Series



Heads Up!

Jodi Murphy

Do you find yourself struggling with styling the heads of mixed breeds? In this seminar, Jodi will demonstrate several head styles and she will discuss various points to keep in mind in order to capture the perfect expression!

A Pet Terrier

Victor Rosado

In the world of terriers, learn the proper way to groom wire-coated breeds for the pet owners. Handstripping is not just for show dogs! Victor will show you how to incorporate handstripping with your everyday terrier clients. You will see a live demo using the right tools for that terrier…don’t miss this seminar!

Let’s Face It

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Join Kelsey Ann as she shares and demonstrates some quick tips to change up your everyday dog grooming heads into little masterpieces. She will give her tricks to wow your clients with an adorable looking face, even if the rest of them might be a shave-down.

Drab Doodle to Fab Doodle

Elli Bultemeier

Let’s be honest; we all want to do that super cute, long, fluffy doodle cut. And in a perfect world, that’s great…but it’s not practical! Quit doing the same old doodle haircuts and learn some easy tricks to make even short hairstyles look cute. We don’t have to hate all the doodles—take advantage of their cuteness and amplify it!