Business Series



Just Say NO!

Angela Kumpe

Are you tired? Tired of grooming dogs you dread to do? Tired of dematting dogs you feel should be shaved? Tired of booking dogs even when you are completely booked? Tired of finding yourself checking dogs in early or out late? Tired of telling your clients over and over that they need to come more frequently? Tired of grooming dogs that are not worth what you charge? Angela Kumpe will tell you how to change all these things! Learn how to stand up and say NO! Learn to say no to all the things that make you stress. Burnout is a real problem that groomers face, by standing up for yourself you can make sure you love your job every day and avoid burnout.

How to Build the Bulletproof Online Reputation That Sets You Apart From Your Competition

John Seal

In this fast-paced session, you will discover how to build an impactful review strategy to drive growth and differentiate your brand. Reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising and building and maintaining a positive online reputation will bring more clients to your grooming business. Learn simple tactics to get reviews and best practices to respond to unhappy pet owners, all while accelerating growth, keeping long-term customers, and helping to protect your business during a recession. This session allows for participants to ask questions about their marketing tactics and get expert advice on how to improve performance.

Entrepreneur: Skill-Up with Markie

Markie James

Starting a business can be scary and overwhelming. In this class, Markie James will go over all the details that helped set herself up for success while running her own business. Whether it’s home-based, house-call, or storefront, she has tips and tricks for all. She’ll cover breaking down finances, branding, marketing, building clientele, planning ahead, and so much more!

How to Enhance Your Business Through Enrichment-Based Grooming

Samantha Palya

What is enrichment grooming and should your salon consider this option? How does enrichment add to your environment, your business, and your business’s bottom line? Are you a solo groomer looking to add revenue but not add dogs to your day? Is turnover for employees and clients high? Are there too many injuries and exhaustion within employees? During this hour, you will learn how enrichment grooming adds to your customer and employees grooming experience, brand, culture, and profits. Learn who can benefit from adding this program to your salon or business.