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Dye Work for Clients



Angela Kumpe & Adriane Pope

This two-hour class is all about dye work in the salon; time management, containing the mess, pricing, and procedure. Have you wanted to add color as a service in your salon, or tried coloring and thought it was too messy, too time consuming, or thought that customers just wouldn’t pay extra for it? Angela and Adriane will show you how to add coloring to your services without a mess or spending all day on a simple dye job. They will tell you what you need to get started and where to get it. They will also tell you how to market color to clients, price your coloring services, and manage time for color jobs. During the class they will explore a large variety of coloring products and show you many useful tips for everyday coloring. Angela and Adriane will prove their theories and techniques to you by demonstrating multiple dye jobs on multiple dogs in the classroom including application and rinsing techniques.