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Low Stress Grooming: Tips, Techniques, and Training



Terrie Hayward

Learn how to set you, the dog, and the family up to succeed. Build a relationship based on trust which will last for many grooming visits to come. Understand how to manage and communicate to more effectively get the behaviors that you need in order to groom faster, easier, and safer.

Hour 1) Introductions and Shaping Family Relationships

We’ll cover strategies to make your introductions count and communicate for collaboration with human clients.

Hour 2) Stress: What to Do About It

Define stress and its counterpart, “relaxation.” We will talk about improving canine body language reading and interpretation skills and discuss how to react and interact in order to reduce anxiety and thus move more efficiently through the grooming process.

Hour 3) Science, not Opinion

We’ll dig in a bit to the science behind behavior and explore how a better understanding can translate to more effective grooming strategies. Also, with behavioral science on your side, you will be able to better explain to your human clientele how and why you elect certain techniques.

Hour 4) Happy Clients, Happy Business

We will discuss how creating a positive human/animal bond will improve your business and business goals. We’ll talk about translating satisfied, comfortable, and confident customers into dollars and a stellar reputation for groomers!