Poodle Summit




Make It 3D

Philip Schafmayer

This seminar is all about how to trim for more than just a 2D profile on a dog. It will cover how to find the different angles within each trim to really give the best result possible as well as how to correctively groom using angles within a trim to “add leg” to shorter-legged dogs and neck to dogs that are too “stuffy”.

Modern Family, Poodle Style

Valerie Partynski

Looking to learn the Modern trim? Watch as Valerie takes you from prep to beautiful finish with techniques that can be applied to either pet or competition trims. Learn how to use a combination of clippers and scissors to achieve this beautiful trim. This look can also be applied to the German trim.

Poodle in a Teddy Bear

Jonathan David

Not all of our customers like a traditional Poodle trim with clean shaved feet and face. Often times they ask for a cute alternative and the Teddy Bear is a great choice! The plush look of the body combined with the rounded feet and full face gives a sweet expression sure to melt the hearts of even the most finicky of clients!

Deep-Pocket Poodles

Joshua Morales

Struggling with Poodles? In this seminar, Joshua will break down and explain how you can “wow” your clients with show-stopping Poodle trims – and fast! Executing that elegant Poodle look while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness is critical to the growth of your business, and your profit. Whether or not you already provide these show-stopping services, this seminar is designed for any skill level groomer looking to learn, expand on, or perfect the Poodle trim to add to your bottom line.