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The Wonderful Westies


  • The Wonderful Westies,
  • Trade Show,
  • Viewing of Tournaments


Koko Tanaka

In this two hour class, Koko will show you the difference between grooming a Westie in show coat and pet coat, and explain how to decide which approach is best for your client’s dog.

In hour one, Koko will discuss that in order to give the Westie the classic look, handstripping is a must. But if you are not able to convince your clients that this is the best choice, what is the second best option? She will demonstrate the pet trim according to the Westie’s breed standard, including a modified teased up Westie head.

In hour two, Koko will explain how to hand-strip, why to hand-strip, and also why handstripping is a profitable service, too. Koko will instruct on how to convince your clients to change their ideas of what a Westie’s look should be and guide them to start handstripping for its aesthetics and skin health benefits.