TICA & IPG Cat Safety 101 Certificate Course



Linda Easton

Cats are a great source of additional revenue or as your only clients! This presentation will give you tips and tricks to bathe cats safely and stress free, and keep the cat happy and healthy during the process. Learn how cat skin and hair are unique. Understanding skin structure will help you decide on the correct groom, and even better handling techniques. How long does it take to groom a cat? How should you house the cat in the salon? Should cats be shaved? Why are whiskers sensitive? These questions and more will be answered.

Linda will give tips on setting up a bathing and grooming station to work on cats, and cover how to clean safely; many “dog safe” products are “cat dangerous.” Cat-safe equipment will also be discussed, as well as body language. Learning to read cats’ body language will make your job easier and more fun.

Different cat breeds need different grooming. Learn about popular and common cat breeds and tips for handling and grooming them. Special needs cats will also be covered, including kittens and senior cats. You’ll learn tips to get kittens acclimated to grooming and the grooming salon, and why older and obese cats often need help grooming. Linda will also discuss when cats can be groomed and when to have the owners stay, and visiting with cats and their owners so you can interact with breed experts and ask questions. You will also earn an IPG/TICA certificate and patch from TICA.