November 2-5, 2023 | Hosted on Zoom

The Best of Groom Expo 2023, is an online grooming event designed for pet professionals eager to continue their education. This unique event will feature the most attended courses from Groom Expo 2023 and include grooming demos and informative workshops to help even the most educated groomers grow in their individual roles at the salon.

All content is available to view until 12/6/23.

Thursday, 7PM-9PM ET

Asian Fusion 101 Certificate Course – Olga Zabelinskaya

Asian Fusion is a very popular, innovative, one-of-a-kind, “different” way of dog grooming. Olga will show you and explain how to make your or your customers’ dogs looks like baby dolls, teddy bears or stuffed animals. Japanese or Asian style of grooming helps to “sell” your grooms, attract new customers and bring your grooming ability one step up to a creative way of dog grooming.

Friday, 7PM-9PM ET

Dealing with the Delusional Client – Kelsey Ann Sexton

Groomers are faced with multiple inquiries and personalities when offering a service to the public. Is your salon set up for success to handle these “delusional” requests? “Can you fit her in today? Is my dog done yet? Why so expensive? Can I pick up after hours? Don’t poodle my doodle!” We hear these comical and frustrating requests often. In this seminar, you will learn how to go from “Customer Servant” to “Customer Service” by structuring your salon to be prepared for whatever delusional demands clients can come up with.

Saturday, 4PM-6PM ET

The Invisible Grooming – Victor Rosado

Join Victor in this one-of-a-kind training seminar that features the art of invisible grooming. Done properly, this can bring in big revenue to your grooming practice. This is a must-see seminar that will help you to understand the use of some specific tools to achieve a more natural look, the way it is required in many breeds. Invisible grooming will help you to set a profile with seamless transitions.

Saturday, 7PM-9PM ET

Difficult Dog Certificate Course – Sue Watson

In today’s increasingly litigious society, it’s more important than ever to understand how to safely handle as many different types of dogs as possible. So what do we do when we feel our safety is compromised? In this comprehensive two-hour class, Melissa will show you in real time how to quickly, compassionately, and efficiently handle the difficult behavioral problems we face every day.

Sunday, 12PM-2PM ET

Heads Up! Expressions and Personality – Mackensie Murphy

Our clients love those little faces staring up at them from the food bowls at dinner time, and it’s our job to make them as cute as we can! Watch as Mackensie shows you how to perfect the faces and capture the expression on multiple different breeds. From doodles to Shih Tzus and everything in between, she will teach blending techniques and new ideas to give our favorite pets a face lift!

Sunday, 3PM-5PM ET

Everyday Grooms Made Easy! Ashley LaVonne Pacini

Join Ashley, a competitive groomer and successful shop owner, as she shares her tips and tricks for the everyday client. Simplify your grooming process without sacrificing your quality! In this two hour-long demonstration, she will share valuable techniques to accelerate your groom through both your clipper and scissor work.

Sunday, 6PM-8PM ET

Korean Style, Please – Arisa Thomas

Do you scour the internet looking for inspiration for your next groom? Look no further! In this informative demonstration, Arisa Thomas will explain how she takes cute dogs from furry to Korean Style. She will show you how turn your clients into real-life teddy bears and achieve those perfect heads!