January 23-27, 2023 | Hosted on Zoom

World Groom XII, is an online grooming event designed for pet professionals eager to continue their education. This unique 5-day event will feature multiple certificate courses, grooming demos and informative workshops to help even the most educated groomer grow in their individual roles at the salon.

All content is available to view until April 27, 2023.

Monday, 12PM-5PM ET (Break from 2PM-3PM)

Planning For Accidents Certificate Course – Mary Oquendo

This four-hour workshop will familiarize pet professionals with how to deal with and approach accidents in our grooming facilities, regardless of whether you are a shop, house-call, or mobile groomer, as well as incidents affecting the pets in our care, the pet professional, or the pet owner. Some of the topics Mary will cover include: why it’s important, inside facilities, outside facilities, clients/animals, pet professionals, basic first aid, preparation, and what to do after the fact.

Tuesday, 12PM-5PM ET (Break from 2PM-3PM)

Pet Business 101: Leadership, Management, & Culture – Melissa Mitchner

This workshop will review how to successfully maintain and expand in the pet care industry. Melissa will cover reviewing policies and procedures, marketing, business planning, and next-level growth development for small business owners. What does the next phase of your business look like and what will it take? This seminar will also explore key systems and processes for leadership and management, as well as how to create a culture that inspires growth. In addition, this seminar will help you identify key principles, plan strategically, and teach you how to set goals to sustain and scale your business.

Wednesday, 12PM-2PM ET

Embrace The Fusion Revolution – Olga Zabelinskaya

This new style of grooming is so popular, and embracing it is your key to profitability! Olga will demonstrate and explain how to make your customers’ dogs looks like a baby dolls, teddy bears, or stuffed animals. Japanese- or Asian-style grooming helps to “sell” your grooms and attract new customers!

Wednesday, 3PM-5PM ET

The Dandie With Mackensie – Mackensie Murphy

Allow us to reintroduce you to the gentleman of the terriers, the Dandie Dinmont. There’s a lot to fall in love with when it comes to this breed: their personality, their expression and, most importantly, their trim. Mackensie will walk you through the basics, show you how to execute a pet version that will hold true to the breed standard of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and what tools to do it with!

Thursday, 12PM-5PM ET (Break from 2PM-3PM)

AKC Shetland Sheepdog Certificate Course – Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

Join Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins for this seminar that takes you on a journey to develop the ability to study, understand, interpret, and transfer the breed standards of the Shetland Sheepdog. Learn the history, structure, unique traits, and conformation of this beautiful breed. Jennifer will also use a video to explain and show the correct breed profile trim.

Friday, 12PM-2PM ET

Not Your Everyday Drop Coat – Irina Pinkusevich

The cutest breed ever—the Affenpincher—is traditionally hand-stripped, but not every owner is up for it. This can be for multiple reasons, but they still want them to look the part. In this class, we are going to use thinning-shear-over-comb and carding techniques to achieve the fabulous look without hand-stripping.

Friday, 3PM-5PM ET

Taking Care Of You, The Groomer – Judy Hudson

Judy will share what she has learned over her 30+ year career that has enabled her to continue to groom 10-12 dogs a day, pain free. Topics will include exercises she does to stay strong in this physically demanding job, inflammatory foods you should steer clear of, and things you should do for your peace of mind.