April 17-21, 2023 | Hosted on Zoom

World Groom XIII, is an online grooming event designed for pet professionals eager to continue their education. This unique 5-day event will feature multiple certificate courses, grooming demos and informative workshops to help even the most educated groomer grow in their individual roles at the salon.

All content is available to view until 6/1/23.

Monday, 12PM-2PM ET

Dreamy Drop-Coats – Valerie Partynski

Valerie will show you how to do a stylish but easy maintenance trim on a drop-coated dog. Being one of the harder coat types to work with, she will show you how to get a smooth finish in a short amount of time using snap-on combs and thinning shears.

Monday, 3PM-5PM ET

Demystifying the Drop Coat – Rachel Colant

Dreading your next drop-coat haircut? Struggling to get a soft, blended finish? Are your Yorkie and Maltese haircuts coming out choppy? In this one-hour seminar, Rachel will demonstrate how you can set yourself up for success every time with simple techniques to help you create a consistently beautiful haircut on all drop coats. She will cover prep work, the best tools to use, and scissoring techniques. Rachel’s methods will help you achieve a gorgeous, blended finish to elevate your drop-coat pet trims and make this difficult coat type a breeze! 

Tuesday, 12PM-2PM ET

Shih Tzu From A-Z – Agnieszka “Aga” Pluta

This seminar will cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about grooming Shih Tzus and the breed itself. The topics covered will include the historical background of the breed, AKC vs FCI standard, the biggest faults and how to cover them in commercial cut, the “Head Breed” and how to expose the beauty, show grooming, types of top-knots, clipper work, scissoring, maintenance grooming, show coats vs commercial coats, tear staining and solutions, and why it’s important to choose/recommend the right breeder.

Tuesday, 3PM-5PM ET

Speed Tricks On Drop-Coats – Diane Betelak

For many salons, Drop-coats are the basis of our grooming business. We need to be able to turn out a trim that looks great in a reasonable timeframe so we can get more clients in. Learn the tricks to keeping these wonderful dogs in trims that accentuate their good points and hide their flaws. Diane will be using blades, snap-on attachments, scissors, thinning shears, and other tools to keep the integrity of the coat, but to get it off fast!

Wednesday, 12PM-2PM ET

Products, Tools, Shears, And All Those Must-Haves – Nick Sklar

Nick has been in the grooming industry his whole life, so products, tools, and shears are what he knows. He gained much of his knowledge in the course of running from trade shows to dog shows with his family business, Whitmans Sharpening. Growing up, he also had many breeds, from Bouviers to Dandie Dinmonts, so he knows what it takes to maintain all different coats. Get the lowdown on what to have in your toolbox from someone who has seen it all!

Wednesday, 3PM-5PM ET

Say This, Not That – Corina Stammworthy

Ever wonder what you could have or should have said in common pet grooming situations? This is a comical (and occasionally serious) approach to real-life salon situations. Grab a notebook and leave equipped with responses to comments such as, “I don’t want my dog to look like…”, “He’s a rescue”, “I don’t like this haircut”, “But they are cheaper down the street”, “I need a discount because I have 4 dogs”, and so many more.  This fast-paced and action-packed hour promises to entertain and enlighten you!

Thursday, 12PM-2PM ET

Everyday Drop-Coats – Jessica Uzzetta

Join Jessica, NCMG, as she dives into how to make your drop-coats cute and stylish. She will use a variety of tools to achieve a beautiful finish. Learn her tips and tricks on how to manage this difficult coat type while giving them those adorable looks. 

Thursday, 3PM-5PM ET

Yorkie Fusion Asian Fusion Drop-Coat – Allison Sebastian

A Yorkie with beautiful butterfly ears can be a breeze! Style with me as we take this pet groom to the next level. Struggling with leaving lines in your drop-coat friends? I’ve got the tricks to make that coat be oh so smooth!

Friday, 12PM-5PM ET (Break from 2PM-3PM)

Mythbusting: Let’s Replace Myths with Science – Dr. Cliff Faver

Hour 1: Basic Skin Information
Information overload?  Good info vs. Bad?  How do we know the difference?  Dr. Faver gives you the formula with science to know how to make informed choices for your clients’ pets’ needs and health. We will put the “why” in what you do.

Hour 2: Products
Could my products or what I am doing actually be causing some of these skin issues?  Is the information I hear or read truth, myth, or advertising?  Let’s get rid of some myths and streamline our job of picking the products you use.
Disclaimer: We will be talking types or classes of products; not individual products or brands.

Hour 3: Techniques
Isn’t all shampoo and conditioner the same?  I have been bathing dogs for 15 years and doing just fine. If that is your thought process, I encourage you to come and learn new techniques, which based on the science, can make your job easier.  Learn how to work smarter not harder while maximizing the benefits of your products and impressing your clients.

Hour 4: Approach To Skin Issues
Frustrated with all the dogs with skin issues?  Frustrated with veterinarians just prescribing cortisone, antibiotics, diet change, and a shampoo and none of it ever seems to work?  Come learn the “why” things don’t work and explore other ways of approaching the problem.