World Groom XIV, is an online grooming event designed for pet professionals eager to continue their education. This unique 5-day event will feature multiple certificate courses, grooming demos and informative workshops to help even the most educated groomer grow in their individual roles at the salon.

All content is available to view until 8/15/23.

Monday, 12PM-2PM ET

It’s All In The Prep – Cheryl Purcell

This is a back to basics seminar! Cheryl Purcell will teach you why the foundation of a great groom starts with great prep work. She will go over proper bathing and drying techniques, explain why cage drying isn’t the best method, and show you some of her favorite tools that she uses to help get the perfect finish!

Monday, 3PM-5PM ET

Prep To Perfect! – Nadia Bongelli

There is not perfect finish without perfect prep. Learn coveted industry techniques from award-winning competitive groomer Nadia Bongelli as she touches on several of the most common coat types we see every day.

Tuesday, 12PM-2PM ET

Simple Poodle Prep – Jessica Uzzetta

In this informative demo, Poodle breeder and handler Jessica will share her tips and tricks of coat preparation. She will cover all her techniques used prior to the groom to get the best possible finish on those curly coats. Making sure you have the coat ready can ensure a very smooth end result.

Tuesday, 3PM-5PM ET

Step Up Your Prep – Judy Hudson

This is the most important part of a groom! If you struggle with getting that perfect finish, or having that Golden Retriever coat lay flat, this session is for you! We will discuss nail trims, sanitary trims, ear health (to pluck or not to pluck), bathing and drying of different coat types (sometimes you have to slow down to speed up), de-shedding, brushing, combing, and everything in between. We will even talk a little bit about skin and coat and how the products we use and the techniques we use could be harming or causing skin issues in our clients dogs.

Wednesday, 12PM-2PM ET

Importance Of The Underside – Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

Often it seems that groomers-in-training want to put all their focus into the most visible finish work on outer legs, torso, and heads, while the finished effect was still scruffy and unkempt because they have ignored matters that should have been done in the prep phase of the groom—especially on the underside of the dog. The undersides of a groom are not the most sexy or exciting, and rarely do they get much attention, but they are actually incredibly important to a well-groomed, well-finished and balanced dog. Join Jennifer for this visually-documented deep dive into armpits, groins, sanitary trims, paw pads, nostrils, lips, under-ears, and all the other places in a groom not easily seen but very important—especially to the dog!

Wednesday, 3PM-5PM ET

Fur Vs Hair: The Foundation Of Understanding Coat Type – Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

The critical decisions we make about a dog’s grooming should be based on understanding the diverse and unique genetics of how that dog’s coat grows. Jennifer has helped transform the grooming industry by listing 15 grooming coat types in 9 categories. And they all start with the most important question: genetically, is this Fur or Hair? Knowing these two genetic categories, and being able to recognize which one any given dog falls into, determines what is most important to know about how to groom that dog. This seminar will equip you to be able to recognize the differences in these coat categories and decide how the groom must be done appropriate to that dog’s natural genetic programming.

Thursday, 12PM-2PM ET

All About The Prep – Mackensie Murphy

In this two-hour course, Mackensie will cover all things prep work. To start, Mackensie will discuss different shampoos, conditioners, scissoring and dematting sprays. She will go over techniques such as deshedding, bathing and drying, fluff drying, stretch drying, and dematting. Then she will cover brushing, combing, and finding the right tool for the right job!  Prep work is everything! This course will have your haircuts at their full potential with a beautiful prep.

Thursday, 3PM-5PM ET

Prepping With Shannon – Shannon Tupes

The most important part of any groom is correct prep.  In order to showcase your best work, Shannon Tupes, NCMG, will divulge tips and tricks to efficiently prepare any dog for grooming. From product selection to drying, brush-outs and more, Shannon will share techniques to help elevate your prep to perfection. You don’t want to miss her LIVE! 

Friday, 12PM-5PM ET (Break from 2PM-3PM)

The Best Work Is In The Prep Work – Dr. Cliff Faver

Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do is lather the dog with some shampoo, rinse it out, and our show dog was good to go? The reality is that the difference between winning and losing, hair and no hair, cost per bath, and the quality of every groom comes down to the details. There are tricks of the trade, techniques, and a whole lot of science that go into getting the best results.  Come learn some shortcuts, tips, and easy ways to change your approach to many of the common issues in the grooming and competitive worlds. Some of the subjects that will be covered include, how to deal with different coat types; different methods and the economics of prepping your products; prepping dogs for the show ring and competition; tips and things to avoid in coloring your dogs for creative contests or everyday color enhancement; how to grow hair for the show; how to recover a damaged coat or shaved alopecia; prepping infected skin for the repair of the skin barrier; dealing with wounds effectively; and how to survive a coat change.